About Us

Who are we?

The next generation of Beck Legal, Directors Daniel Cole, Matt Barkla and Mark Donaldson, joined forces in 2016 to assure the future of Beck Legal as a leader in the legal sector. They are supported by a team of 25 talented lawyers, conveyancers and client managers who all deliver quality legal services to our many clients.

Internally, we place our people at the centre of our organisation.  We are innovative and solution-focused, spending more time with our clients, building relationships and delivering tailored legal solutions.  Externally, we are outcome-focused for our clients. We do not want to be everything to everyone – we are a business focused on delivery of legal outcomes, not just legal advice. 

Statistics show our industry has seen more change in the past 5 years in comparison to the last 50 years. We have made the conscious choice to embrace these changes, actively promoting our “new law” focus and challenge the way in which things are done in traditional “old school” industry firms.


Meet Our Team

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Asset Protection and PPSA
Business and Personal Succession Planning
Business Services Department
Commercial and Business Transactions
Corporate Governance
Estate Administration
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Local Government and Planning
  • Daniel's expertise allows him to develop strategies for you to pass control of business and family entities on death or during your lifetime, in a tax effective and asset protective manner.
    Daniel Cole
  • Matt develops strategies in conjunction with you which are cost and time effective and are sensitive to your legal and non-legal needs.
    Matt Barkla
  • Mark assists his clients to enhance the value of their real estate through all stages of acquisition, development and disposal.
    Mark Donaldson
  • Lorri is passionate about our people and culture, believing that in order for a business to be truly successful, they must put their people at the center of their organisation.
    Lorri Bissett
  • With a wealth of experience in administration and customer service, Sarah is the first welcoming point of contact for our clients.
    Sarah Trembath
  • With an abundance of experience, Frank supports and provides the relevant guidance in the probate process.
    Frank Gay
  • Daniel provides pragmatic legal advice to you and identifies at an early stage both strategies to protect your interests and opportunities to resolve your legal issues.
    Daniel Jones
  • Eleisha provides careful legal analysis of the of the issues central to your matter and works diligently to achieve the optimal outcome for you.
    Eleisha Cairns
  • Kendra works closely with client, ensuring that their matters are resolved in a timely manner, whilst continuing to develop her knowledge in all areas of Commercial and Succession Planning.
    Kendra Harrison
  • Megan knows that every local government and planning issue is unique and partners with you to ensure her advice is responsive to all of your needs.
    Megan McDonald
  • Rebecca is always looking for a practical solution and she works closely with clients and as a result builds strong relationships with them.
    Rebecca Hillier
  • Allira aims to help you achieve your goals in a timely and efficient manner, as well as continually expanding her knowledge in Property Law.
    Allira Gotthart-Besley
  • Brianna works closely with the Commercial team to ensure that matters run smoothly and expectations are met within the promised time frame.
    Brianna Hayes
  • Priscilla Imms-Taylor
    Priscilla aims to help you achieve your goals in a timely and efficient manner, as well as continually expanding her knowledge in the business of law.
    Priscilla Imms-Taylor
  • Sharron works with you to achieve your objectives in a tailored solution designed for your Estate Planning needs.
    Sharron Neunhoffer
  • Linda ensures that your Property matter runs smoothly and your expectations are met within the promised time frame.
    Linda Nielsen
  • Josh works with you to provide successful and practical results in all areas of property and development.
    Josh Ennis
  • Kelly takes pride in offering the best possible customer service to our valued clients.
    Kelly Blackmore
  • Sarah prides herself on providing clear and concise advice to put your mind at ease around any legal issues your business is dealing with.
    Sarah Gee
  • Dale is committed to providing the best possible reliable service to you and ensuring the transaction is stress free for you.
    Dale Boyd
  • Rachel knows that every business is different and takes the time to know your business so that her advice can be tailored to complement your objectives.
    Rachel Mackenzie
  • Carol works closely with the Local Government team to ensure that matters run smoothly and expectations are meet within the promised time frame.
    Carol Cockerell
  • Jenny is committed to providing a service which meets your needs and expectations within the time frames as provided to us.
    Jenny Nancarrow
  • Alix concentrates on developing and implementing Estate Planning solutions designed to achieve your objectives and tailored to the circumstances of your beneficiaries.
    Alix Steed