Business and Personal Succession Planning

What is Business and Personal Succession Planning?

Succession Planning is more than just making a will. At Beck Legal Succession Planning is facilitated using a holistic approach to future planning and takes all business, investment and personal assets into consideration to ensure your intentions are secured.

Our team communicates with all parties and connects with your professional advisers in order to ensure tailored advice can be strategically developed and agreed processes implemented for the passing of ownership and control of assets upon the occurrence of specified planned and unplanned events.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re a corporate or business enterprise in any industry or sector, partnership, sole trader, farming enterprise, something in-between, or individual we can help start the necessary conversations and drive the implementation of your Succession Plan without causing confusion.

With extensive experience in establishing Succession Plans we understand the pressures involved in running and maintaining a business and protecting personal assets and the awkwardness for individuals in raising future planning discussions.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to offer a simplified process to guide you towards creating a plan for the future that you fully comprehend.

How We Can Help

Business Succession Planning

Our Approach

Ensuring the stability of a business is paramount to avoid any loss of goodwill or financial hardship and in the event of disruption, a proper framework can protect the future of an enterprise. A comprehensive business Succession Plan creates certainty and continuity for an enterprise by:

  • regulating decision making;
  • defining expectation as to roles and responsibility and consequence for non-delivery;
  • planning for voluntary exit and replacement;
  • documenting the passing of control and ownership within the enterprise upon occurrence of default, disablement and death;
  • defining the valuation mechanism, payment terms and funding; and
    establishing rights of exit from the enterprise and approval thresholds for an enterprise sale and major decision making.

Personal Succession Planning


Personal Succession Planning focuses on protecting family assets by ensuring the correct structures are in place to allow beneficiaries to be adequately and fairly taken care of, having regard to family circumstances, special needs, the prospects of dispute between beneficiaries and any need for protection against third party creditors.

Ensuring that the appropriate persons are entrusted with decision making in the event of personal incapacity and that superannuation entitlements pass as intended upon death also form part of the critical aspects of personal planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wills and Powers of Attorney


A Will is a legal document which sets out your wishes as to the allocation and distribution of your personal assets on death. A Will can be revoked by making another Will and it can be updated at any time during your lifetime


A Will can be made by anyone over the age of eighteen years who has the mental capacity to understand and make legal decisions concerning their estate.


A Will details your wishes and provides you with a voice when you are no longer here. Without a Will there is a risk that your assets may not pass to the person that you most want to provide for.


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Meet our Business and Personal Succession Planning Team

  • Alix concentrates on developing and implementing Estate Planning solutions designed to achieve your objectives and tailored to the circumstances of your beneficiaries.
    Alix Steed
  • Daniel's expertise allows him to develop strategies for you to pass control of business and family entities on death or during your lifetime, in a tax effective and asset protective manner.
    Daniel Cole
  • Priscilla Imms-Taylor
    Priscilla aims to help you achieve your goals in a timely and efficient manner, as well as continually expanding her knowledge in the business of law.
    Priscilla Imms-Taylor
  • Brianna works closely with the Commercial team to ensure that matters run smoothly and expectations are met within the promised time frame.
    Brianna Hayes
  • With an abundance of experience, Frank supports and provides the relevant guidance in the probate process.
    Frank Gay
  • Kendra works closely with client, ensuring that their matters are resolved in a timely manner, whilst continuing to develop her knowledge in all areas of Commercial and Succession Planning.
    Kendra Harrison

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