Modern conveyancing is all about being proactive and innovative. From the start of the conveyancing process to its conclusion, our experienced team are committed to delivering outcomes that meet and exceed your expectations.

With both Victorian and Federal property laws continuing to evolve, we’re constantly working to ensure you, your family and your clients have the best conveyancing advice possible.

What happens when I sell my property?

What happens when I buy a property?

How we work with clients and agents


Our conveyancing services

Whether you’re buying or selling property, you can trust us to deliver tailored advice that makes guiding your way through the conveyancing maze a whole lot easier. Our services include:

  • Preparing contracts of sale and section 32 vendor statements
  • Advising you on the laws which affect your property including local planning restrictions, owners corporation issues, building regulations and restrictive covenants.
  • Ensuring you receive the maximum available concessions or exemptions for stamp duty when purchasing a property.
  • Lodging various legal documents with the Titles Office, State Revenue Office and local Council on your behalf.
  • Liaising with your lenders and mortgage brokers regarding your finance.
    Calculating tax and rates adjustments at settlement.

E-conveyancing – proactive and immediate service

In recent years, technology has set a new standard for conveyancing – allowing us, our clients and agents to work more collaboratively and productively. While in the past conveyancing involved a stack of paperwork, new systems are streamlining these processes and ensuring that most settlements can be conducted electronically in a secure and transparent way.

The Beck Legal conveyancing team is proud to be innovative in its service delivery – challenging the norms and developing new ways of working with our clients.

We have taken a proactive approach to embrace the numerous recent changes in property law and the rise of e-conveyancing. We prepare electronic contracts and have been an early adopter of online settlement platform PEXA.
By reducing the number of human errors and eliminating time delays, e-conveyancing allows lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions to work together on the same page at the same time.

We are committed to ensuring the sale of your property is safe and secure and as efficient as possible.

Why work with Beck Legal?

Conveyancing is a concept that can appear tricky to navigate. However, by consulting with our conveyancng team, we can make buying and selling property easy for you and your family.

We’re backed by industry-leading technology, a fresh angle on conveyancing and an experienced team – all combining for a stress-free and efficient process.



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