Estate Administration

Estate Administration

The Estate Administration process can be complex and overwhelming with many people not knowing where to start. The team at Beck Legal will help simplify and streamline the process where possible, ensure the wishes of the deceased are upheld and guide you in your role as Executor of the estate.

Estate Administration Process

Executor Duties


Simplifying Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, it can be a distressing and overwhelming experience for all involved. Most people leave behind a number of assets such as property, shares and bank accounts that need to be dealt with and passed on in accordance with the deceased persons wishes.

Depending on the size of an estate, estate administration can involve obtaining a Grant of Probate, distributing and gifting assets in accordance with a Will, or where a person dies without a Will obtaining Letters of Administration and distributing assets to the legal next of kin in accordance with a set government formula.

The Estate Administration team at Beck Legal ensure a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration is obtained from the Supreme Court and we guide and support the executor in all aspects of dealing with the administration of the estate. Generally, most estates are distributed between 6-12 months from the Grant being issued, however in some circumstances such as complex estates, or where an estate property is waiting to be sold the distribution of the estate may take some time.

If a loved one has passed away, and they have not made a Will prior to their death they are deemed to have died intestate and the assets of the deceased person must be distributed to the legal next of kin in accordance with a set government formula. Our team is experienced in dealing with intestate estates and ensuring that the deceased’s assets are administered correctly.

Why Beck Legal?

At Beck Legal you can have the confidence that we will guide and support you through the process, provide practical information and ensure you are supported in your role as Executor.


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