Never has there been a time when the conduct of Government has been under more scrutiny and local government has not escaped such public and media examination.

We work with local governments to assist with the navigation through the array of legislation for which they are responsible to administer and enforce.

The support provided by Beck Legal includes to ensure statutory powers are experienced in an appropriate and considered manner and with recognition to the unique social, environmental and political environment in which each local government operate and to ensure that actions are not carried out ultra vires.

We work closely with Councils to assist in managing its roles and responsibilities expectations through:

  • advising on and preparing delegations and authorisations
  • advice and preparation of documents for commercial contracts
  • advice and preparation of documents for construction and building contracts
  • recovery of outstanding rates and sale of property
  • advice concerning Councils acting as Committees of Management
  • workplace relations advice
  • advice and representation with respect to equal opportunity and discrimination claims
  • assisting Council with the communication and management of community expectations