Local Government and Planning

Local Government and Planning

Local Councils and statutory authorities look for personalised, innovative and a common-sense approach to their legal services and that’s what the team at Beck Legal offers. Working with you to identify your needs, the team at Beck Legal tailors their service to deliver the legal services required and achieve the outcomes, guiding you require you every step of the way.




Local Laws



Service like no other

When it comes to urgency and quick ad-hoc advice, we are the best in the business.

Service delivery is a core value when it comes to dealing with Beck Legal and the team prides themselves on ensuring key personnel are always accessible and there is never any confusion as to who’s providing your legal services.

Being responsive to the individual requirements of our clients, we integrate into their decision-making process, take the time to understand their strategy, we take ownership of the situation and confidently lead our clients with our aim on outcomes.

In delivering legal services, we put our reputations on the line to provide our clients with a clear decisive recommendation and approach, rather than simply “the options available”, and which is linked to to achieving their desired outcomes.

A business with a difference

At Beck Legal we are a business not a law firm. We offer solutions, facilitate outcomes and our clients value and appreciate the personalised timely service we’re able to deliver from regional Victoria no matter where our client is located.


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